Winding Down After Little 500

Only two more weeks of school everyone! Dead week is officially here... though it isn't quite dead at all. There will be papers to write, notes to take, and so many things to study, but then it will be over before you know it. You are on your way to wherever you are going for the summer!

The more I think about it the more I realize how fast this year has gone by. It does not feel like it was eight months ago that I was moving in for RA training, not knowing anyone of my staff members or feeling prepared. Now, I have to start moving out of the Res Hall room that now feels like home away from my staff who feels like family and get prepared for a new year with a new RA staff. It seems so crazy to think that 13 people who really didn't know each other and act completely different feel like family. I think I've said this before but that's the great thing about college; you get to meet and become friends with the people you may have never given a second look in high school. Also it's great because you can find almost any club you want to join here at IU. There's the regular student government or if you like Harry Potter there is a club for that. If you like to dance, there are multiple clubs for that. You have so many more opportunities to do things you've always wanted to. All you have to do is get yourself out there and do it.

Well IU. Stay focused this dead week, get your stuff done, then enjoy your summer!

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