Freshmen Year

I cannot talk about my freshmen year without telling everyone about my floor. EF3 love all the way. (: But seriously, I had the greatest, most amazing floor there ever was and ever will be… but maybe I’m a little biased. I know that the people that I met on that floor will always be my friends and have helped me grow as a person so much. But I can get to that later; let me talk about move-in.

Moving in was terrifying at first, I was going to have to move away from home, into a 14 story building and have to learn to live with around 50 other people?! It was quite intimidating, until I actually moved in and I found it to be wonderful. I was only on the 3rd floor so move-in wasn’t awful, I could always take the stairs and as I slowly discovered having 50 other people to talk to and meet wasn’t so bad after all. I didn’t really get to know anyone on the floor until around the 3rd week of school or so, when we discovered our lounge was going to be opening. The lounge was being used as supplemental housing for the time being. And so we waited and waited and waited for that lounge to open and when it did, everything changed.

The lounge became the place to be. We would talk, eat, do homework, nap… whoops, basically living in that lounge. If you were bored, it was almost guaranteed that someone else would be in there. The lounge is where we all started to realize how good of friends we were becoming. There were around oh, I’ll round high in case I’m forgetting someone and say 15 of us were always in that lounge. I would name them but one, they know who they are and two, I know I will forget someone and then someone is going to get mad at me! But we bonded over the silliest of things, YouTube videos, glee, finite, the kitchen in the lounge, and the outsiders who would come into OUR lounge and use OUR kitchen. We all knew we were close, but it didn’t hit us until we all went home for Thanksgiving break. Then we realized, we missed the lounge and everyone in it SO MUCH. We were leaving videos on each other’s Facebook walls. It was even worse over Christmas break, I could not, and I think they couldn’t either, wait to come back and be together.

This closeness continued throughout the entire year and now even into this one. Even after we all went our different ways. Two of us became Resident Assistants, two got into Greek houses, eight decided to live together, two moved to completely different places, one transferred, and one other came back. These people I know will always be considered friends of mine. And I cannot thank them enough for the way they helped my first year go and how they helped me grow as a person. I know in high school I would have never given them a second glance, I love that college gives you the experience to meet and talk to and grow close to people you otherwise would have never gotten to meet.

I love you all so much EF3… Daddy’s Home (:

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