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Hello and Happy every candy possible is on sale day (: 


I'm Jennifer Jensen, a sophomore here at IU and my major is Social Studies Secondary Education! My subjects are World History, American History and Sociology. It sounds like a lot but it isn't too bad. A little more general about me I have a twin brother, it’s not as cool as you think it is) and a younger sister and a dog named Hoosier! Even in 3rd grade when I named him I knew it was all about IU. I moved a lot when I was little, seven times before I was seven. Hmm and my favorite TV show is glee!

I am a Resident Assistant at Collins Living Learning Center! It’s the Residence hall that looks like a Castle/Hogwarts and it is as awesome as it looks! Doesn't it look so pretty in the fall?

Being a RA is quite an amazing experience. But let me answer a couple of questions that I frequently get. Yes, I do live in Collins, apparently if you have blonde hair and wear yoga pants it’s “non-Collins” but who can truly judge you on where you live from what you wear? Come on now, let’s kill the stereotypes. Yes, I can sleep when I’m on duty. I don’t sit up waiting like a superhero for trouble to strike! If I couldn’t sleep there is no way I could have gotten this opportunity! Yes, room and board are paid for, and it is awesome! And no, RA’s are not evil and out to get you! We just want everyone to be as safe and have as much possible during their time in the Res Halls!

Coming to IU has been probably the greatest thing that has happened to me. Bloomington is fabulous and beautiful. I love almost every class I’ve taken and the people here are just amazing. Oh, I really can’t forget about Pizza X. Their breadsticks are my jam… (If you happen to read this want Pizza X and no one will go with you, hit me up. I will never turn down Pizza X.)


If there is one thing I have to recommend a student here do at least once in their life it is go to an IU basketball game. You will not regret it; it is an absolutely amazing experience. Walking in to Assembly Hall, seeing not only students excited but Alums and all the adorable kids wearing IU, then finding your seats and seeing all of the banners, the team warming up and everyone just pumped for the big game, or any game, to begin. It is incredible and something everyone needs to experience at least once! I got the luck of the draw to have General Admission seats for the Kentucky game! It was amazing, I got to rush the court, I lost a shoe (found it later though!) and I got to meet Tom Crean when he was walking through camp crean!  (Note: I’m the blonde and my best friend/pretend twin Hilary is the brunette!) All in all an amazing day and something I would tell everyone to do at least once!

Well, I think that’s all I have to say for now. Keep dry everyone!

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