What I wish I knew before graduation...

As May was nearing, I paid close attention to the Graduation Checklist I received in the mail.  Officially having graduated, I can frankly say that graduation checklist was not comprehensive enough.  There were a few things left off... a few things that would have been really great to know...

  1. Get your graduation tickets EARLY.  This year the Kelley School of Business ran out of student tickets, my parents were totally stoked to find that out haha.
  2. Book your parent's hotel EARLIER.  Seriously, call in September if you don't want to pay a crazy high price, or you want to stay in the actual vicinity of IU.
  3. Call restaurants EARLY.  Oh hey, are you noticing the trend?!  Graduation takes planning AHEAD.  (Totally not one of my fortes...) And when you call for reservations, check if they are using a limited menu for graduation weekend.  Last year, when a friend graduated we went to Uptown Cafe, only to discover the "Graduation Menu" was double the price and completely mediocre. 
  4. On commencement day you will spend more time standing like cattle, than actually sitting with your school or being recognized.  Wear comfortable shoes, and remember it will be hot.  I intelligently wore a cardigan, slacks, and 5 inch heels.  Bad idea.
  5. People decorate their graduation caps.  Do something so your parents can actually see you.  I scoffed at my friends when they commented their other friends graduating were bedazzling their caps.  I should have listened. 

Knowing these things ahead of time would have made graduation much smoother.  Nonetheless, it was such an exciting experience!  The commencement ceremony was great, and seeing everyone in their caps and gowns made the whole situation real!  However, I am still in denial that my time at IU has come to such a quick close!  Savor your time here!

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