Jacobs School of Music: Candide

In most situations, front-row seats are desirable... not at the opera.  I may have accidentally purchased front row tickets to Candide.  Thank goodness it was in English, because otherwise I would have been looking straight up at the super-titles for three hours.  Instead, I got an up-close and personal experience at Jacob's last production of the year--and it was awesome.  I have no idea what the moral of the play was, but it was completely hilarious.  The synopsis follows:

Candide is a history of the adventures and misadventures of a young foundling brought up by the Baron and Baroness of Thunder-Ten-Tronck in Westphalia, along with their children Cunegonde and Maximilian. Before our eyes, Voltaire writes and tells a tale in which we learn that Candide’s greatest influence was his tutor, Dr. Pangloss, a philosopher who believed that this was the Best of all Possible Worlds.

Act I

We see and hear: How Candide was brought up in a fine castle and was driven there from; how a recruitment into the Bulgarian army led to the loss of what Candide loved; how they made a fine auto-da-fé to prevent earthquakes and how Candide was whipped; how Candide came to Paris, regained what he loved, and took a journey to Cadiz.

Act II

We see and hear: What happened to Candide and his friends in the New World, his discovery of Eldorado, his trip to Venice, and what Candide decided to become.

Clearly, Candide is a satire.  And, even clearer, the story makes no logical sense.  From Bulgaria, to Paris, Eldorado, to Venice, we follow Candide's adventures as cohort after cohort dies, and is brought back to life, again and again.  Obscure storyline aside, the music was phenomenal!  Having access to student tickets to Jacob's productions is an absolute perk of attending IU.  The program is exceptional, and having had the opportunity to attend an array of productions has only enhanced the memorable experience I have had here.

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