Getting IU Nostalgia

As my last semester at Indiana is rapidly coming to a close, I can't help but reflect on all the spectacular times I have had here; from living in the dorms freshman year, basketball games, the annual Hutton Honors Ball, Little 500, ICore, to attending roommates' dance recitals--all of those experiences are laced with positive emotions. 

Nothing could replace my experiences as a freshman... such as a floor mate flooding the bathroom because she left the sink on for two hours by accident, consistently walking up eight flights of steps to my Spanish teacher's office in Ballantine because I didn't know I could get on the elevator on the ground floor, going to an entire season's worth of mildly painful IU basketball games, or suffering the wrath of Kelley School of Business prerequisite courses. 

Then sophomore year I vividly remember standing in the frigid rain an entire day to witness Little Five (it was totally worth it), regaining hope that IU basketball will eventually amount to something, and reuniting our entire freshman dormitory floor to attend the Hutton Honors Ball. 

Next was junior year, when most importantly IU beat Kentucky, although surviving ICore was a close second.  I enthusiastically remember turning in that epic ICore report, only to get breakfast as a team--the first meal I had eaten outside of the library in basically ten days--at the Runcible Spoon.  I don't even remember what I got, but I am pretty sure it was the best _________ ever.

And that basically brings me to now.  More than ever I am trying to figure out why graduating in six semesters as opposed to eight seemed like a good idea.  My time at Indiana has been precious, and I am working to squeeze every last drop of experience out of my last official month as an IU undergraduate student--Wish me luck!

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