Gary Trotter and The Parody Exception - A Mauer School of Law Musical

It seems appropriate on the eve of the first Hunger Games movie to reminisce about the previous magical novel adaptations that were also eagerly anticipated by crazed fans.  No, I am not talking about Twilight, as dreamy as Edward may be.  I speak of Harry Potter.  There was something so wondrous about J.K. Rowling's creation of Hogwarts; the characters, the magic, and the plot line simply drew in readers of all ages. 

Now, why is this relevant to IU you ask?  Shockingly, this is very pertinent to IU, because our very own Maurer School of Law just put on their very own derivative of Harry Potter: "Gary Trotter and the Parody Exception: The Law School Musical".  Law students in a musical!?  Yes, the entire musical was written, directed, produced, choreographed, and performed by law students.  And it was hysterical, probably the funniest $5 I have ever spent.  While the talent didn't quite match Jacobs, I was thoroughly impressed with the live band and vocalists.  The plot outlined Gary Trotter's adventures at Mogwarts' School of Witchcraft and Legal Wizardry.  The audience witnessed Gary's experiences with the sorting gavel, the school snob Drake Malloy, and newly acquainted best friends Lebron Sneazley and Minnie Minaj.  These dialogues were laced with humor, and more importantly- song and dance.  From Britney Spears to Journey, the students edited a wide variety of music to fit the plot line.  My personal favorite was an adaptation of Lady Gaga's Bad romance, Bad Unemployment, sung by he-who-must-not-be-named himself- Lord Unemployment.  Overall, the show was refreshingly witty and incredibly entertaining.

Just as interesting as the show itself was how it came about.  At the Last Lecture, Professor Ryan Scott was invited to speak.  Here, not having been given a specific topic to address, he decided to spend a portion of his time proposing the law students put on a musical.  And so it was, with the hard work and dedication of over 35 law students: Gary Trotter and The Parody Exception.

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