A snippet about Jenna Olson

Hey all!  I'm Jenna Olson, a recent IU alum!  I proudly hale from St. Louis, Missouri; the city with an arch, the Cardinals, and a high crime rate. 

I spent the last three years of my life in Bloomington, where I double majored in Legal Studies and Technology Management at the Kelley school, and minored in Spanish.  I'm pretty sure if there was a major called Domestic Arts & Crafts I would have scored that one too :) 

I love spending time outside, cooking and hosting, blogging, and learning stuff.  If I wasn't studying or in class (let's face it that was probably more time than it should have been...) you could always find me with friends, at extracurricular meetings, or at some church-related function. 

I participated in 180 Degrees Consulting and Kelley Student Alumni Partners for much of my time here as well. 

Now that I have graduated, I am enthusiastically spending one more year in Bloomington, as the love of my life finishes up law school and I decide precisely what I want to do with my future :)    

I cannot wait for the adventures ahead in Bloomington!

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