Taking Summer Classes at IU

     If you happen to end up living in Bloomington year-round you'll probably take advantage of the summer sessions. Lets face it - without summer courses or all 17+ credit hour semesters you won't graduate in 4 years.

     So, since I'm from Bloomington I'm here all summer and I realized that I'd better take some courses. Now, being a creative writing major I left math & science behind in high school, not remembering that there are ALWAYS MATH REQUIREMENTS. Don't think for even a second that just because school now costs thousands of dollars a semester and your majoring in something that you get to ignore the "fundementals".

     As I struggled with my first math here at IU - calculus - I decided to take the "barely math/ science courses" for the rest of my requirements, like many other English majors. Astronomy seemed like a good idea, until I discovered that many of my professors (outside of English) leave key words like "the", "a", and "and" out of their lectures/ powerpoints and this makes it very hard for me to figure out what they are referring to.

     Still, I thought I'd figured it all out and I decided to take another astronomy class for the first summer session. For some reason I didn't think about how I would get through a 3 hour science lecture without going crazy before it was too late. 3 hours may not seem like that long when you're looking at the times on paper, but it feels like forever when you are actually there.

    Campus is nice and quiet during the summer and there's not nearly as many people on the buses, but remember to think things through before you take on summer courses. Construction is generally occurring on every campus road, no one is happy to be there, and lectures are longer, but assignments are due quicker.

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