One thing I absolutely love about IU right now is the professors. Many professors will stay after class and talk to you about assignments or questions, but IU professors will stay after and talk about things like Invader Zim and Batman cartoons.

The professors that I've encountered at IU have been very aware of their students and how their students best interact in a classroom setting. As a shy person, when one of my teachers takes the time to comment on a keychain or laptop case and develop a more personal relationship in the ensuing conversation, it makes it a lot easier for me to go to their office hours or raise my hand in class.

The majority of my professors so far have been able to break down any barriers between themselves and their students and that has been key to my and (I believe) to my classmates' success.

This week, I'm all about my professors. They've given me advice, paper extensions, story ideas, and have made me actually want to get up at 7 am, climb four flights of stairs, and sit in the over-heated Ballantine classrooms.

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