Don't Ignore the Chalk Around Campus: Boy In The Bubble Comedy

All Sorts of Trouble for the Boy in the Bubble.

The occasional flyer and chalk announcement will catch your eye if you go to IU, don't ignore them - it'll usually turn out well if you go. So, after seeing several flyers and chalks about the Boy in Bubble comedy group I agreed immediately when my friend Rita asked if I wanted to go see them with her. They turned out to be fantastic.

This past weekend we went and saw them again and they've only gotten better. Between each sketch they play a part of a song that, once you see the sketch, relate in some way or other. They're a bit crude, so if you don't like swearing and the "occasional" sex reference then I wouldn't recommend going. But, if you like free shows and good comedy then by all means - go.

IU is also sponsoring a Campus Comedy Festival that's going to feature several comedy groups, including Boy in the Bubble this coming weekend on Saturday night, which is also free for IU students. Rita and I are planning on going and it sounds like it's going to be a great distraction from all the papers I have due this month.

So don't ignore the chalk, it'll provide you with some stress relief.

Boy in the Bubble Facebook:!/BoyInTheBubbleComedy

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