A New Found Freedom

After officially living in Bloomington for one month, it's become apparent just how different life in college would be. The years in high school I spent day dreaming about the freedom I would find in college, I never anticipated the frequency by which opportunities - opportunities with the capacity to absolutely alter my life - would find their ways to my doorstep. That opportunity to become an amazing student. That opportunity to make good choices...or reckless ones. The opportunity to find love. The opportunity to get those tattoos or piercings you always wanted.

While I intended to write more about my own experiences, concurrent with recent events on campus, I'm going to use this forum to speak about the Indiana Lifeline Law. For students from out of state or abroad, this information is especially important. 

During your time at IU, if you decide to drink alcohol, and another individual becomes in need of medical attention, the Indiana Lifeline Law will protect you from being prosecuted for the crimes of public intoxication, minor possession, minor consumption, and minor transport if you call 911 to seek aid for this individual. In order to retain immunity, the caller MUST provide his or her full name, remain at the scene until emergency assistance arrives, and cooperate with authorities on the scene.

This information can be found at: http://www.indianalifeline.org/

Another very important aspect to this law is the university's guidelines to the law. While IU champions this law, IU policy currently does not protect the students who call 911 from university repercussions. Furthermore, if someone needs help in the dorms, it is CRUCIAL that you call 911 before telling your RA of the situation. While it is still vital to tell your RA about what is happening, do that immediately after calling 911. If your RA is notified first, the Lifeline Law will be deemed VOID.

Keep it safe, Hoosiers.

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Hi!  My name is Jared - obviously. I'm a freshman at IU, and I'm majoring in Human Biology/Pre-Physical Therapy. I'm writing for WeAreIU because I want my surprises to be your expectations. So, read on!