Finding Jobs while at IU

Greetings! I'm currently blogging from the beautiful city of BLOOMINGTON! Unfortunately, I'm only here for the night. I'm actually in town for some job interviews so I thought I would blog about my personal advice for places to work on/off-campus.

First of all, if you don't have a car down at school, DON'T BE DISCOURAGED. It is still 100% possible to get a job even if you don't. There are plenty of places on-campus you can work. I even had a seasonal job at the College Mall last year and was able to just ride the bus to and from work. If you don't have a car, here are some places that you might want to apply:

The Union
There are plenty of places to work at the Union, including working at the various food places, working for the Biddle hotel, or even being a barista at Starbucks!

SRSC (Student Recreational Sports Center)
Attend a job opportunity session and you could become a lifeguard, official, maintenence worker or even a personal trainer!

Indiana Daily Student/Arbutus
If you were a member of your high school newspaper or yearbook, consider applying to "Indiana Daily Student," our campus's daily newspaper or the Arbutus, IU's yearbook. You can choose to be an editor, photographer, page designer or reporter and get paid depending on how much you contribute.

IU Auditorium
Here you can be a box office clerk, a student manager, or an usher. If you're just volunteering as an usher you won't get paid at first, but you'll be able to see the shows for free!

IU Libraries
There are tons of libraries on campus and a bunch of different positions to apply for. Many of these positions only require 6-10 hours commitment per week, so it's a great way to earn a little extra cash while still leaving plenty of time for school and studying.

If you DO have a car (or don't mind the walk/bus ride), you can consider these off-campus places as well...

College Mall
The mall is a great place to work because you constantly get to interact with people and it's only about a 5 minutes drive from campus.

3rd Street & Kirkwood
Both of these streets are huge hot spots for restaurants, shops and other businesses.

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