Welcome to my life as an Indiana University Student

Hello! Let me introduce myself, my name is Karissa Niedzwiecki and I am sophomore here at Indiana University-Bloomington, majoring in Journalism with a certificate in Arts Administration. I was born and bred in the Chicago-land area. My hometown is Batavia, for those of you who are Chicagoans like me, just straight west of the city, by Naperville and Aurora (to give you a rough estimate).

Since my freshman year at Indiana University, I have been a member of the IU RedStepper squad and am a member of Phi Mu, a Greek chapter here on campus. I am so excited to be a part of the We Are IU team and am ecstatic to be helping people like you really get a feel of what it's like to be a student at IU.

As you may hear from like, EVERYBODY, Bloomington is the ultimate college town. It's full of eclectic shops, restaurants, bars, museums, and pretty much anything you can think of here in this town. But that's not even the half of it. It is also filled with people from all around the country and world that make you see differently on many things. Thanks to some of my classes freshman year, I see the world way differently than when I first arrived. And that's my whole point, IU-Bloomington has a place for everyone and everything. Have a knack for Harry Potter? There's a club for that. Enjoy napping? There's a place at the Union for that. Want to travel the world and experience new cultures? There's a program for that. Ever wondered where in the world IS Carmen San Diego? I'm just kidding, there isn't anything for that. But, you get the gist. If you need a place where you feel like you belong, Bloomington's the place for you.

Bloomington became my home the minute I stepped foot on this campus on a guided tour two years ago. (Jeez, it's been two years already?!) I have never regretted the adhesion to come here since then. Indiana University is the best school there is, and 30,000 other students would agree.

Now I know I'm sounding like that cheesy "Michigan" commercial that is on TV and the radio that always ends with, "Michigan is calling." However, Indiana University may be calling your name, can you hear it?

Adios, adieu, and au revior,


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