The IDS, Our Version of the Gossip Column

The Indiana Daily Student is a student-run newspaper that gives students the opportunity to gain experience in print media and helps them to develop their skills in writing, graphic design, photography, and whatever else their passion may lie. You might be able to spot the IDS at many of IU's sports events or even just around campus, snapping away on their camera.

Don't be alarmed if their camera is pointed in your direction, or if you are contacted for a couple of questions by a reporter. Just smile and try to give them your best angle, or use your sweetest voice and help them with whatever questions they ask. I'm sure whatever they are interviewing you or taking your photo for is something good. (:

On several occasions, I have found my name or my face in the IDS. All of them involving my participation in some of the organizations that I am involved with. The RedSteppers were interviewed for a front page story, I was interviewed by a columnist who specialized in the Greek world to talk about our "Greek families," and another was a picture of me surrounded by a bunch of my friends, cheering on a fraternity's bike team.

However, here's a little tip to keep in mind. While it's okay to find yourself in certain sections, such as sports, student life, front page, etc. PLEASE do not find your name in the Police Blotter. I can guarantee you that nothing good comes out of that. Your future, your parents, your friends, and your current life at IU depends on your name NOT being included in that section. So just keep in mind: don't be stupid. You don't want future employers to do a background check on you and find a police report from "way back" in your college days about you getting a public intox ticket do you? Didn't think so.

Also, if you're a journalism student or just really like writing, taking photos, or graphic design, then I would suggest applying to be a part of the IDS. It's a great employer of students on campus and you can meet great friends as a result.

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