Diners, drive-ins, and dives: Bloomington edition

Whether you're in Bloomington for your freshman orientation, various athletic camps, taking classes or just sight-seeing, one thing is for certain: you've gotta eat.  So, after peruising the best eateries in town during my freshman year, here's a little summary of the best places to eat, for whatever your mood.

Places to make your parents take you (because we're all poor but we still like a good filet mignon and cheesecake): Gratzie!, Malibu Grill. Both located in the square, these are prime places to enjoy both your parents' company, and their wallets.  Unfortunately for me, for the first couple times my parents came down to visit, we ate at Jimmy John's and Noodles & Co., as I had no idea of the culinary hot-spots Bloomington has to offer.

Places to go out for dates or with friends when you're feeling classy and want an occasion to dress up: Siam House, Ami. I love Oriental food, and I have made my way up and down Fourth Street. My favorite restaurant by far is Siam House (Fourth Street). Thai food just hits the spot no matter what; I'm especially partial to the Pad Thai. My sushi fix is Ami (located on Third Street, (812) 339-7868). When Wright Food Court's sushi just isn't cutting it, make your way here, even better on Tuesdays, when sushi is 30% off!

Places to call when it's past midnight and you're starving: Jimmy John's, Pizza X, Mad Mushroom, Baked!. All four deliver to wherever you are, whether it be your dorm, house or appartment, Herman B. Wells, or your fraternity/sorority.  Mad Mushroom, probably the most underrated pizza place in Bloomington, has the best cheesy bread on the face of the Earth, and a fresh batch of cookies from Baked! with whatever you can imagine baked inside is never bad either.

Places when you're just craving breakfast or you absolutely need coffee and bacon in your system: Village Deli, Bloomington Bagel (both on Kirkwood), and Farm. Village Deli is my absolute favorite place for breakfast; it has converted me into a french toast believer, and they have great home fries. Plus, the bacon is great.

Places to eat at that won't break your bank: Noodles & Co., Pita Pit, Chipotle (all on Kirkwood), and Mother Bear's Pizza (Third Street).  If you've never been to Noodles, Fort Wayne, my hometown, didn't have one, go now. The mac and cheese, pad thai (I told you, I love it), and basically anything else is oh so good, plus they have rice krispie treats the size of your head. Plus, Noodles even does delivery (on a bike, even better)!

Places to watch the game or just watch the people watching the game: Buffalouies (Kirkwood and Indiana), Yogi's (Tenth and Dunn), Brother's (N. Walnut), and Nick's (Kirkwood). All four have great atmosphere, and even greater burgers.

Places to eat for the sweet tooth: Hartzell's, Red Mango, Campus Candy. Hartzell's has every flavor of ice cream you could imagine, Campus Candy has every kind of candy you could dream of, and Red Mango makes you feel better about eating dessert because it's fro-yo, just as long as you go easy on the toppings.

Go, eat, and be happy. xoxo

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