Why Learn to Code?

Sometimes it seems like the world runs on software. Well, it kind of does. We use computers to shop, consume news, socialize, pay bills, get entertained, do homework-the list goes on. We're in an age where technology is taken for granted; it's like tap water or air.  If you're young enough, you've never experienced not being able to find the answer to any question on Google. The technology we use seems like magic, but it's not. It's all about code.

Computer programming (or coding) started with a mathematician named Ada Lovelace in 1842. You can learn more about her here. But this post isn't about computer history. What I want to do here is point you to some useful resources about learning to code, and then tell you about IT Training's programming offerings.

You've probably heard a few "experts" say that everyone should learn how to code. Making programming a basic skill sounds like a good idea, but learning how to do it and doing it well are two different things entirely. Becoming a good programmer takes years. If you're not willing to put in the time, you're  going to produce bad software. No one wants bad software. Imagine a buggy air traffic control system! What if Netflix just didn't work?

So why should you bother to learn to program if you don't want to be a top-notch coder? How about learning to be a better problem solver? Programming is all about problem-solving. It's about thinking creatively to meet a want or a need. You'll get a better idea of what I mean from this article on why computational thinking is a valuable skill. Some studies suggest that coding can make you smarter. Find out how in this piece about boosting brain power.

Here's the part where I put in a plug for IT Training. We've got workshops on Perl, Python, PHP, SQL, XSLT, and more depending on the semester.You can also find coding courses on lynda.com

The Internet is full of learning resources. Take a look at this TED blog post for more training options.

I hope I've convinced you to give coding a try. You'll be smarter for it. Even if you take only one workshop.

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