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You can probably sit down, open Word 2013, and use it fairly proficiently. But why not bump up your skills from proficient to pretty awesome? Okay, pretty awesome might sound like too exciting a description when talking about word processing skills, but I've got to tell you that some of the things you can do in Word are actually pretty awesome. You can figure out how to do neat stuff in Word on your own by trial and error, using the help button, looking up tutorials on the Internet, or asking your friends. But wouldn't it be easier to pop into an IT Training workshop or webinar and have a professional show you some of the software's best secrets? If you like that idea, read on to find out what you can learn in our Word workshops. 

Screenshots from Word 2013 with the text "Word" overlayed

Start with the Fundamentals

Word 2013: The Essentials is an introduction to the program, but even if you've been using Word for years, I can almost guarantee you'll discover something new. In this workshop you'll learn about views and styles, how to change line spacing, sort information, create cover pages and lots more. One especially useful skill you'll learn is how to add bibliographies and footnotes. You'll appreciate having those skills when you're writing those research papers.

Automate and Customize

Learn how to work more efficiently in  Word 2013: Macros and Custom Ribbons. In this webinar you'll get experience creating macros. Use macros to automate those tedious, time-consuming tasks so that you can focus on your ideas, not the technology.The workshop also covers customizing the Ribbon, creating icons for the Ribbon, and.making edits in   Visual Basic Applications (VBA),  Visual Basic Applications (VBA)

Manage that Major Paper

Meeting your professor's requirements for those major papers can be challenging. Word 2013: Publishing Research & Longer Documents can help you rise to the occasion. You'll learn to create and edit headers and footers, work with multiple documents, create tables of contents, and more. This workshop makes writing a major paper a little less scary.

That's not all...

Looking for more Word 2013 training? Check out these recorded sessions:  

Visit the Word training page to see what's scheduled for this semester. If the workshop you're interested in isn't on the schedule, check for the availability of downloadable materials for independent study. 

It's time to start learning more about Word than you ever thought possible!

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