Show Week: What we're made of

One thing you'll find when you become involved with a student group at IU is that there are certain times throughout the semester that really bring you closer to the people around you.  Show weeks are that time for the University tWits.  We have one show a month, so every show becomes our baby.  We spend weeks writing, rewriting, editing, and re-editing scripts, hoping that we can put together a show people will remember. 

Once we hit show week, however, the momentum changes.  We go from sitting around tables and white boards to literally throwing one another around on stage.  It's the most fun week of the month, but it's also the most chaotic, in large part due to the late nights of rehearsal that we throw on top of our coursework, jobs, and other extra curricular activities.

College life is filled with late nights ranging from all nighters at Wells Library to parties off campus.  Regardless of how you spend them, I've found that between the hours of 11 PM and 3 AM, character is born.  It's remakable to me what college students are capable of.  I'm extremely fortunate to work every single day with 18 - 22 year olds who are both extremely talented and extremely hard working.  They push me every week to be better than I believed I could be, and I push them right back.  Regardless of what you get involved with at IU, I hope you find the same sense of family I have found while still growing every day as a person.

Shameless plug:  Our show is this Friday at 9 in the Frangipani Room of the Union.  At 8, my good friends in Awkward Silence Comedy will be in the Georgian Room of the Union with 8th Floor Comedy from Ohio State.  Local stand up Josh Cocks will be opening for us.  If you're interested in a great night of comedy, the Indiana Memorial Union will be hopping Friday.

This is my family.  I'm lucky to have them.

Those pumpkins are from the dumbest sketch we've ever done.

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