Meet the idiot: Timmy Hickle

Well hey, internet. Fancy running into you here.

Just a little about me before I start officially blogging. My name's Timmy, I'm a junior studying economics and political science. I run a sketch comedy group called the University tWits and I'm currently the executive director of the spring IU Campus Comedy Festival. My likes include comedy, watching Bloomberg, drinking craft beer and IU basketball. My dislikes include people who take pickup basketball too seriously, Twitter trending topics and use of the word "frat" as a verb.

I want to use this blog as a mechanism to provide a glimpse into the comedy scene here at IU for both prospective students and their parents. We have seven comedy groups on this campus, an unprecedented amount for the Midwest, and all of them have a very unique culture and style. I love them all, and I will start by profiling one group a week leading up to IU Campus Comedy Festival. I will also provide any fun musings or experiences I have along the way. It's bound to be a journey, so buckle up.

Finally, I'll end each blog with a word of advice that I wish I had going into college.

Today's advice: Find your school's passion and embrace it. Here at IU, we have a few, but the most notable is basketball. If you're interested in Indiana, here's all you need to know: 

This man is the stuff of legends around here. You don't have to know much about IU Basketball to get by here, but you do need to know that Bobby Knight is one of the greats. 

We're pretty much contractually obligated to like this song. It's okay, we'll probably forget that it exists by the time you get here. Fingers crossed.

This happened. That is all. 

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