Tips, Tricks, and Bloomington Gems

My sophomore year I wrote for an online publication concerning cool and unique things to do in Bloomington and on campus. Being from Bloomington I had a lot of tricks up my sleeve but this experience helped me find places, events, shops, and good eats that I had never discovered before. Before I disclose some of these gems of information I think I should stress how important it is to get involved while at IU. It's even more important to get involved early. IU prides itself on the vast number of clubs and activities it hosts and all you have to as a new student is pick what interests you. As a freshman it can be difficult to find exactly where you fit and it's an even more daunting task to plan what you want to receive from your college experience. Make sure to take your time picking extracurricular activities but also make sure to get involved as soon as you can. By getting involved early, you are leaving yourself room for growth within your organization, internship, or club. You also will be able to meet and explore IU right from the start. 

As promised, here are some nuggets of IU knowledge:

1. Your student ID can get you more than just entrance to your dorm or Gresh. For example, you know the fancy dinning hall you pass on your way to the union Starbuck? It's called The Tutor Room and every Monday-Friday after 1 pm you can get a gourmet, buffet-style meal for $8. All you need is your student ID. 

2. Dunn Meadow plays hosts to a ton of music events. For instance it hosts Culture Shock where Spoon and other big-time musicians performed during their early stages. These type of events are usually going on during the day so if you hear music don't be shy and just follow the sound to Dunn Meadow. 

3. Don't spend hours making a playlist when you can find ones online that will play the latest, greatest, AND songs like "This is Indiana" or the IU fight song. Go to as an example.

4. Bloomington restaurants are extremely willing to offer drive thru, curbside, and delivery. I've had coffee, ice cream, a bowl of soup, and cookies delivered to my door. 

5. There are tons of vintage and vintage-inspired stores in Bloomington. Wander past Kirkwood and you're bound to find a good two or three.

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