Staying Connected Abroad

Staying connected to family, friends, and IU while studying abroad can be a challenge. I've missed out on special events within my sorority, student organizations, and Bloomington life in general. However, it helps to know the experience I'm currently having is making me a more well-rounded person and giving my Bloomington roots some global perspective. 

My trip started in January and I am shocked that we are nearing March. In all honesty I can attribute the comforting, homey feeling I've had while abroad to four things: 1. Skype 2. Facebook 3. Whatsapp (a necessity while studying abroad) and 4. The amount of people from IU that are on my program. 

I've met a ton of people from IU in Barcelona that I would not have met otherwise. It's funny how the IU students on my program gravitate towards each other. I know it's because we have similar interests and are eager to reminisce about our time in the freshman dorms or funny stories from Little 500. We've all had similar experiences and are able to share this time abroad thanks to IU's flexibility and encouragement of international programs.

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