Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens

To begin my story, I am a senior at Indiana University with a major in Outdoor Recreation and Resource Management. I have a minor in Parks and Recreation Administration through what was once known as HPER, and will now be acknowledged as the School of Public Health. Now that you know where I am, here is a little background....

Upon my first visit to IU, for Orientation, I met my first friend: Linda, who is still my best friend to this day, and will be for all of my days. I chose to attend IU over Columbia in Chicago for several reasons...

  • the trees
  • the stars
  • the diversity
  • how many options I had for majors and the ability to change my mind
  • The small town vibe with large population
  • I had family who attended IU
  • It was close to home, but far enough that I felt like I was making a big move

I began my studies at IU as a student in the Intensive Freshman Seminar, a 3 credit/3 week course that began August 2nd, 2008. I lived in Foster for 3 weeks on a floor with 2 groups of students, one group in the class focusing on Primates: Chimps and Bonobos, and my group in the class: Philosophy, Film, and Music. I met my first college room mate, first college crush, and life-long friends during IFS. IFS took place in the summer, so Bloomington had that vibe of calm, quiet, and open to exploration.

Here are my best friends and I from IFS: as we enjoyed the shade of the beautiful Weeping Willow that used to exist in the Arboretum.

My room mate and I would wake up every morning, turn up the music and dance to "Shot You Down". Then my new friends and I went to class from 9-12 everyday, and after class we would do our homework outdoors, go for walks, and adventure Bloomington. I met many other wonderful people who were taking other topics courses through IFS. IFS passed quickly and before I knew it, my semester as a freshman at IU was here. I moved across the street to McNutt - south side.

I did not feel like McNutt was my type of environment, but I did my best to adapt. Linda, the girl I mentioned that I met at orientation, ironically lived on the same floor as me in McNutt! My how the Universe works in magical ways! I received a lounge as my bedroom-due to the increase in students that year. The room next door, also a lounge- housed 3 ladies- and I some how was fortunate enough to have a lounge- all to myself! I love to decorate and put up my hammock in my bedroom, had two beds put together, and had all the closet space a girl like me could imagine. Here is my dorm room at IU, well about 1/3 of it!

My freshman year was full of discovery as I did not know what I wanted to study. I was an exploratory major, who had made a decision to pursue Philosophy. I soon realized that this major made me question my faith and confused my mind and was not necessarily leading me down the path I wanted as a career. I changed my major to Anthropology. I started pursuing the major by taking Anthropology of Martial Arts and Expressive Behavior.

This class was not only the beginning to my new major, but also the beginning to a new life. The class discussed martial arts, specifically the Afro-Brazilian dance fighting; Capoeira. We were assigned to read "The Little Capoeira Book", observe capoeira at the Harmony School, and participate in the game.

Capoeira has a history that is rooted in the freedom of expression and dance, and was made illegal when the slaves used it as a form of self defense. After years of Capoeira being illegal, it was now legal and is played as an expression of freedom and interaction, around the world. 

I am going to stop here for now, and get back to my 19 credit hours that I cram in to complete my degree in Outdoor Recreation and Resource management, in preparation for the 14 credit hour internship that I am doing this summer- to FINALLY complete my degree. How I managed to make it in 4 years...hard work, organization, & enjoying what I do here..

I will continue this story with Capoeira, more about the programs offered at IU, Harmony School, Iuri Santos, and how Capoeira changed my life and how I observe the world around me, all thanks to the first Anthropology course I ever engaged in.

Hope you enjoyed my first writing! Looking forward to exposing you all to the magical opportunities that IU provides for all walks of life! ( below is Iuri Santos, my capoeira mestre ).

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