What Is Thought To Be Hidden Can Really Be Seen On IU's Campus

Friday evening I arrived back in Bloomington after leading a Christian Awakening retreat for high school seniors in Indianapolis.  The week brought me a lot of laughs, tears, hugs, and many other memories that I could talk about for paragraphs.  Since not everyone would know what I am talking about, I'll just say that I'm really kind of upset to be back in school this week because I miss the retreat experience like you would never believe.

The purpose of going on this retreat as a high school senior at Cathedral High School is to find yourself within the relationship you have with God (or your higher power), your family and friends, and finally yourself.  This week is a week for chronos, a word originating from the Greek literally meaning the time one spends reflecting with God.  A good portion of this retreat is spent in silent meditation, prayer, and thanksgiving to help oneself take a good look at the things around him/her and learns to appreciate things more.

Bloomington has been blessed with few rainy days in the month of April, and many days with above average temperatures perfect for the final days of the semester and the Little 500 race this upcoming weekend.  Now while many students and "townies" are celebrating at the races this weekend (or in other ways that I take no part in), I am finishing up some big tasks for my classes that will help me be more set in stone when semester exams begin in two weeks from today.  School is winding down rapidly, and with a final speech, three tests/quizzes, and two papers being due before the 26th (next Thursday) it would be an understatement to say that I'm going to be busy everyday at school.

I can't guarantee that I will be absolutely sane by the end of exams in 18 days, but I do know that the work will be worth it all in the end of the semester.  Looking outside at the weather right now, I can see that Spring truly is here.  This time of year, as well as the mid-to-late portions of October, are the best days of weather this campus sees. Sometimes we seem to notice these changes in our daily routines, but there are times in which we don't care to take notice.

I'm guilty of this on occasion but many students who walk to class tend to have their iPods blasting music through their "Beats headphones by Dr. Dre" on campus and not paying any attention to what is really going on around them.  Other than the fact these people are being anti-social at the time being, these students are missing a lot while on their walk to class, to get food, to study, you name it.  This campus is a really neat place, and it's no secret that Bloomington is home to one of the nicest campuses in the country.  I tend to have my sunglasses on for a couple reasons while I go to and from places on campus during the day time because of the weather and the fact that it keeps all the stuff in the air out of my eyes a little bit better (since my sinuses are terrible and I'm allergic to basically everything outdoors).

When I'm going to and from on campus, I can't help but take a look around at my surroundings.  There is a lot of tradition on campus with the residence halls, libraries, and other fixtures, but what about the nature that surrounds us on campus?  Trees are beginning to become more alive and all of the plants are in full bloom at this time of year.  I've seen all the campuses in the B1G Ten Conference while traveling with the IU Volleyball program.  Few campuses compare to what we witness day in and day out in Bloomington.  Taking our campus for granted is what many people are guilty of doing on campus daily.  We can look for hidden meaning in our lives on campus whether it's in the traditional buildings that we sit in time and time again or the ever so present Mother Nature that speaks absolute volumes.

Stop.  Look.  Listen.  Take a good peek around you.  You've found the right place to be at one of the best times of the school year.

Have a great week, Hoosier Nation!

-Nick M

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