The FINALS Step: Part 1

Can you believe how close to the end of another semester we are?  It's absolutely mind-boggling how quick some semesters go and others just seem to drag out as long as possible.  This finals week may be the lightest I think I've had to date.  A few hours ago I performed my third and final speech for Intro to Public Speaking (C121), which is worth a third of my final grade roughly.  I felt that it went over really well, and I'm glad that I have one class finished now and am three exams from the finish line.

I don't know if this is a good or bad thing, but my final exam times were scheduled unusually far apart this semester.  I have two of my exams on Monday the start times seven hours apart, and my last exam (the hardest one) is on Friday at noon.  Call me crazy but this is both good and bad luck for me potentially.  This is good because I have three days before I take my last final to prepare and that I get to knock out two in the first day.  This could also spell out bad news for me too because I have had two finals in one day four times now since I have been at IU.  Usually after I take the first exam, I am too tired to process anything for the one that follows it later that day.

This year has helped me reinforce one quality that I've been lacking for quite some time, but it's helped me to work harder and prepare more for what's coming ahead in the future.  It's a bit ironic that my favorite TV series, Survivor,  incorporated this quality into its past two seasons on CBS; the quality I'm talking about is redemption.  Redemption is something we all need to seek from time to time; sometimes it's from not living up to given expectations, sometimes it's not putting enough of your time in, sometimes it's looking to improve on something you wish you had done better at, et cetera.  On the past two seasons of Survivor there was an element of the game called "Redemption Island" where if the tribe voted you out, you were not out of the game and had a chance to make it back into the game by winning a certain number of duels.

Seeing this idea of "redemption" come to life in a TV show that I really enjoy made me really look at things in my life especially how I am on my journey at a difficult part of college especially with an unknown future in store for me.  I completed a very successful semester in fall with my highest GPA since early on in my college career.  Right now I'm looking at potentially having an even higher GPA this term.  It appears that I'm finally seeing all my effort come together at the right time and hopefully the good mojo continues rolling my way.  I don't want to be overconfident, but I have to control everything that I can at this point.

Everything at IU has in shaped me and challenged me to work harder as a result.  I've learned from quite a number of experiences that I've had at school here that will without a doubt help me after graduation in December.  I am thankful for the experience that I have been privileged with as an Indiana Hoosier, and I would never trade it for the world.

There is more to come so stay tuned for Part 2 in the upcoming days!

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