(Not Yet) Dead Week

Each fall and spring semester at IU, there is this week before all semester exams are given that is most affectionately known as "Dead Week."  The name "Dead Week" sort of speaks for itself.  Students have gone through more than four months of academic trials and tribulations to reach this part of this semester; however, its name is a bit ironic.  By rule, teachers are not allowed to assign anything new that is due during "Dead Week" within a certain timeframe before the week, but where teachers tend to get you sometimes is by making these last-minute assignments known very early on in the very fine print on the syllabi.

In my eighth semester as an undergrad, this week has never lived up to its name.  "Dead Week" has either been more like hell on some occasions, or it has lived up to the exact name where it has been a week to rest up for the end of the term.  Typically, there tends to be more distraction surrounding "Dead Week" during the spring semester rather than the fall.  In the fall many students are looking towards going home for the holidays that s/he may celebrate such as Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, etc.  The spring semester, also known as the end of the calendar school year for many students, is quite a bit different.  Before the "Dead Week" is a well-known tradition called the Little 500 week, and following "Dead Week" is the Commencement ceremony inside historic Assembly Hall.

While I won't be one of those honored at a Commencement ceremony next week, I will definitely be recognizing the fact that many of my good friends that I came into school with in the fall of 2008 will be leaving Bloomington as students forever, yet they remain Hoosiers for the rest of their lives.  While many friends and family will be celebrating this coming weekend, I will be sharing in that celebration but in a different way.  Knowing that I return to IU with one semester remaining is an exciting thought.  Graduation is not around the corner.  I know what is coming in that aspect of my life, yet there is a great sense of mystery as to what will happen after I graduate on December 15, 2012.

Hopefully I will land a job out of college, but maybe the job search will still be continuing after I graduate.  Time will tell, but everything in life will be similar to "Dead Week" after graduation for quite some time.  If I don't have a job yet, I will have to continue digging to find what I'm looking for in my life.  If my career is not going as planned, then I will have to fight to persevere through the tougher times.  A week in college that is often poked fun at for its namesake has many lessons built into it that are very valuable for students at IU and for Hoosiers after graduation.  Perseverance is key to success because one day I hope to have a career that I will never even look at as a job, and "Dead Week" will cease to exist as a memory when all happens as planned.

Stay calm & have a great "Dead Week" Hoosier Nation!

-Nick M

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