Moving On - Thoughts from Nick on the Approach of Graduation

Hard to believe that four years ago today I was on Spring Break with my college decision not finalized.  One month later the decision was made to attend Indiana University.  The last months of high school were a time for reflection and enjoying the last few steps of the journey.  Taking a journey back four years ago, it's a lot more difficult for me to recall a lot of the big details of what happened with school because I was more concerned with what was coming very soon in the near future.  Nervous about leaving the comfort zone of Cathedral High School, I had no choice but to move on once graduation came and went.  The inevitable was here:  time to begin moving on.

I arrived nearly a month early for school at IU since the preseason for volleyball begins before the start of school.  I knew it was time to get the rest of my life under way, but I was really tentative about the unknown. I had never gone to a public school before, was used to living at home, and I was basically thrown out into the real world on my own for the first time.  Being away from the comforts of what was a reality that I had known so well, I was forced out to go at it living on my own.

Becoming accustomed to the college culture of IU was an interesting adventure.  Living in the dormitory was basically sharing a really giant house with about 30-40 other people with 1-2 people per room and having a community bathroom.  During the day the general routine is fairly similar to being in high school, but I had to learn how to do the other things on my own.  Figuring out a way to living the life of a college student was not an easy task and took me a while to get used to.  I really began to hold my own midway through my sophomore year of college.  I found my way around campus pretty well, knew my social status and had created a pretty solid network of colleagues thus far.

It is less than 10 days until April begins.  April is the final full month of this school year, and it marks the end of my last spring semester at IU.  Seeing that graduation is not too far from now, I can't help but think back on everything from the last four years or so.  Yesterday I accomplished two big things:  I finished planning my class schedule for my final semester this fall & I completed my application for graduation in December, 2012.  The end is coming sooner than expected, and it will be time at some point to begin moving on from school.

It's been a fun ride so far, and a big part of it continues Friday n ight when Indiana faces off against Kentucky for the second time this season in the NCAA Tournament.  I'm expecting a huge crowd of students and fans watching the game downtown, and please continue to support the Hoosiers as their run for a championship continues.

Have a great weekend!

Nick M

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