A B1G Break from School

48 hours from now I will be back at home in Fishers, Indiana watching some of March Madness on television and enjoying the fact that I will not have the stresses of homework and studying for a week.  Nine weeks into the academic semester at IU and I am more than ready for a break.  School work right now is piping down right before the week-long break from stress, but will be stacking up quickly once the break has ended.

Being a Math major, half of my credits and classes over the past four semesters have been math related.  Now you're more than likely thinking, okay, this is part of your degree requirement this shouldn't be a surprise.  Taking multiple math classes at once can be both a blessing and a curse at the same time.  The bad thing about taking multiple classes at the same time during a semester within a major like my own is that information can run together and can cause mass confusion with the difficulty that some of these classes carry.  The good thing about taking multiple classes in a major like math simultaneously is that you'll be able to work with similar colleagues in each of your courses that share the same interests as you.  Even though the work may be quite the load, the good news is that the odds that you'll know a lot of people in each class and sometimes maybe in more than one of the same classes as you.

How I decided to go down this path of Mathematics in college was a bit strange.  I started off wanting to go into Math Education so I could go teach in a middle school or high school.  So the past three years of my experience at IU were spent planning classes around the fact I wanted to teach and take math classes.  My goal was to make it into the School of Education, complete the required amount of course work in the school and student teach, and hopefully land a job right out of college.  I was thinking this was going to be my calling in life, but after finishing two years of school my grades said otherwise.  Honestly I am not the smartest person in the world, but I attempt everything with all energy I can put together for the classes I am working on.  Things didn't go as I had hoped they would, but I have learned to deal with what has been handed to me in life very well with everything that has happened to me since I graduated from high school. I have dealt with what has happened, missed getting into the School of Education by less than .05 GPA points, and it honestly hurt me when I found out.  Thinking I wasn't good enough for something like that killed me.

Since I've been in college, one thing that has always kept me going was to remember to let go of everything that is harmful to me spiritually and let God take me through the rough patches of my college career.  Fortunately I was admitted into the College of Arts & Sciences last semester, and I am now pursuing a degree in Mathematics with twelve hours left to finish in order to graduate in the fall.  I have taken this opportunity, learned from it, and am using it to my advantage because I know the end destination and am looking to shoot high to finish on a high note.

Three classes stand between me and Spring Break right now.  Not only is it Spring Break, but this is a big weekend for Indiana Basketball.  The B1G TEN Tournament is in Indianapolis this weekend, and Indiana Basketball is looking to continue to roll some more victories together before its first appearance in the NCAA Tournament under the reign of Tom Crean as head basketball coach.  While at home or on vacation in the upcoming weeks, check your local listings to follow your IU Hoosiers as they look to make a deep run in the post-season this year.  A B1G weekend it seems to be, and I am excited for the prospect that the basketball program can perform at a very high level, the highest in recent memory.  Hopefully you'll get an update with more of March Madness around the corner next week while I'm on Spring Break!

Have a great week, Hoosier Faithful!

-Nick M

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