When the Going Gets Tough

This has been my most difficult year thus far, but I'm trying to remain positive. I want to take time to highlight some of my achievements and accomplishments from my junior year so far.

  • Moving out on my own! - Yes, leaving Teter was hard. But I had to put on my big girl pants and leave campus.
  • Getting a job - I transferred to the Texas Roadhouse here and I've met some great people since I moved to this location.
  • Getting involved - I know I don't post on here very often but I'm a part of 4 other organizations (Multicultural Outreach Recruitment Educators, Raising Awareness of Interactions in Sexual Encounters, National Association of Black Journalists and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists)
  • Being a part of the founding class of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists! - This year NAHJ made its debut to IU's campus and I was a part of it! I am not the Communications Director on top of everything thing else that I do, but its for a great reason/cause.
  • I was 1 of 12 people accepted to study abroad this summer May/June in Kenya! I'll be taking a course for reporting on HIV/AIDS.
  • Recruiting - As a student ambassador for MORE I get to talk to prospective students and their families and it is really rewarding to be able to say you are part of the reason they chose IU.
  • I was randomly chosen to have lunch with the dean of students later this month.
  • The semester is not done so of course there will be more achievements to come!

I'm proud of myself for not completely losing it (yet!) Like I said this has been a really tough year so far but I'm trying to make the most of it! If time and money weren't the root of all evil I would most certainly have a better grip on things lol. But for now I just have to roll with the punches. I hope you are all having a great semester. Whenever you're down I hope you reach out to someone else because chances are they are putting up with some of the same battles that you are facing.

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About The Author
Alexandria LopezJournalism Major from Indianapolis, IN

Hello everyone!

My name is Alex Lopez. I'm a senior from Indianapolis, Indiana majoring Journalism and Sociology.I'm pretty involved here at IU and work at Texas Roadhouse. I am currently in RAISE, MORE, NAHJ and NABJ. 

I love traveling! I also enjoy shopping, music, good food, and good conversation -- so feel free to contact me or say hi to me if you see me on campus!