Tips For Scheduling Classes

Class scheduling can be stressful! But being smart and organized can make things so much easier.

I just finished scheduling my classes around noon, my appointment time was at 9:45 this morning. Scheduling can be time consuming but there are a few tips and tricks to making things easier.

As a freshman I met with my academic advisor a lot and asked a lot of questions. I checked out the bulletins for what classes I should be taking for my major, Journalism.

Journalism majors are required to have a second concentration (27 credits) which I thought was kind of like a required minor or something along those lines. I decided that Sociology will probably be my second concentration. Since the second concentration is a required 27 credits outside the School of Journalism if I take another Sociology class it SHOULD become a major...we'll just have to see how things play out.

How to make scheduling easier:

-Ask questions!

-Check bulletins and requirements for your major - there are a slew of websites that you can check out to make this easier. The University Division website helped me a lot.

-Read course descriptions

-When you meet with your advisor they suggest you make a list of 20 or so classes that you might interested in taking. Not all students do this but it really makes your advising appointment go a lot smoother and you'll spend less time in the meeting trying to figure out what classes to take.

-Around the time/day of your scheduling appointment, search the classes you decided on in your advising appointment and add them to your shopping cart. After adding them to your shopping cart you can see whether they are open until the time you finalize your schedule.

Remember in the end it is YOUR decision on what classes you take and your advisor is there to help you make the right decisions.

About The Author
Alexandria LopezJournalism Major from Indianapolis, IN

Hello everyone!

My name is Alex Lopez. I'm a senior from Indianapolis, Indiana majoring Journalism and Sociology.I'm pretty involved here at IU and work at Texas Roadhouse. I am currently in RAISE, MORE, NAHJ and NABJ. 

I love traveling! I also enjoy shopping, music, good food, and good conversation -- so feel free to contact me or say hi to me if you see me on campus!