Not so "Dead Week"

Hope you all are having a productive "dead week"!

Right about now all of you are probably over everything and ready to head home! But hang in there and please do not lose your cool..

Here are a few things that keep me going or SANE during dead week and the days of finals.

  • grab a bite to eat with friends - talking to people is nice and you can vent to them!
  • read a book - i'm currently reading Fifty Shades of Grey...well when I have the time to.
  • listen to music
  • watch your favorite tv show or movie - I LOVE New Girl and Misfits!
  • hit up the gym - classes like Zumba and Cardio Hip Hop are tons of fun!
  • take a nap - dont forget to set an alarm! You don't want to sleep all day..or night.
  • treat yourself - holiday drinks at Starbucks are my favorite :)
  • study with friends or people you know from class - make the workload easier and split up that long study guide!

Be sure to keep an eye out for activities and opportunities around campus the days leading up to finals for destressing, free food, and more!

Remember to breathe and take it easy.

I wish you all the best of luck on your finals and a fun/safe winter break!

About The Author
Alexandria LopezJournalism Major from Indianapolis, IN

Hello everyone!

My name is Alex Lopez. I'm a senior from Indianapolis, Indiana majoring Journalism and Sociology.I'm pretty involved here at IU and work at Texas Roadhouse. I am currently in RAISE, MORE, NAHJ and NABJ. 

I love traveling! I also enjoy shopping, music, good food, and good conversation -- so feel free to contact me or say hi to me if you see me on campus!