Are you freaking out yet? - Moving to Indiana University

If you're a procrastinatior like I am you probably haven't even started packing yet! Just last night I packed one duffel bag of t-shirts. However, I have been dorm shopping for things like my bedding, towels, and other small things. I need to get a move on though I'll be back on campus this coming Wednesday!

I advise that you should wait until your all moved in to actually buy your food/toiletries/school supplies and everyday items. Leave all your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and other items at home because when you go home you don't have to haul these things back and forth!

If you have a lot of clothes stock up on hangers at Target or Walmart.

Make sure you bring a cable cord if you're bringing a TV. Bring a DVD player if you want to watch movies in your room, or you can just watch them on your laptop -- Check out libraries in your neighborhood or dorm for DVDs, they're usually pretty good about keeping up with what students want viewing wise.

Bring tons of photos and things to hang up in your room! My roommate and I didn't have a lot of decorations in our room last year and we both regreted that! Places like Greetings, Target, and Walmart have posters and such things to bring your dorm room to life!

Last but not least communicate with your roommate one last time about who is bringing what and what else you guys need! Those of you in dorms without air conditioning may want to bring a fan!

I wish you all the best of luck on your move to Bloomington and if you've been in Bloomington all summer I'll be seeing you soon!

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Alexandria LopezJournalism Major from Indianapolis, IN

Hello everyone!

My name is Alex Lopez. I'm a senior from Indianapolis, Indiana majoring Journalism and Sociology.I'm pretty involved here at IU and work at Texas Roadhouse. I am currently in RAISE, MORE, NAHJ and NABJ. 

I love traveling! I also enjoy shopping, music, good food, and good conversation -- so feel free to contact me or say hi to me if you see me on campus!