Allow me to introduce myself..

Hi name is Alex Lopez, I am currently a Freshman intending to major in Journalism. I'm from Indianapolis, Indiana where I attended Pike High School. I have family here in Bloomington and plenty of friends who attend IU so I am no stranger to Bloomington or the Indiana University campus.

In high school when it came to applying for schools IU was my top and only priority. When I found out I was accepted I was ecstatic! I love the IU campus because it is not only beautiful but also because it's close to home, and I like that it's a big school. I am a part of Indiana University Student Alumni Association (IUSAA), Raising Awareness in Sexual Encounters (RAISE), Multicultural Outreach Recrutiment Educators (MORE), and Epiphany Modeling Troupe (EMT). I love meeting new people and I hope to write for the Indiana Daily Student (IDS) sometime in the near future and to become more involved on campus and in Bloomington.

I hope prospective students can look at and find great things that hopefully persuade them to become Hoosiers!! I am so glad I have the opportunity to be a Student Author/Contributor for this site because I think it could be really beneficial to not only prospective students, but current students, as well as alumni.

About The Author
Alexandria LopezJournalism Major from Indianapolis, IN

Hello everyone!

My name is Alex Lopez. I'm a senior from Indianapolis, Indiana majoring Journalism and Sociology.I'm pretty involved here at IU and work at Texas Roadhouse. I am currently in RAISE, MORE, NAHJ and NABJ. 

I love traveling! I also enjoy shopping, music, good food, and good conversation -- so feel free to contact me or say hi to me if you see me on campus!