The Little 5 Fashionista

It’s here, the magical week every spring that combines the sport of cycling and partying: Little 5. So here for you is a style guide for all you fashion-istas, that will guarantee a good week. Considered in these decisions are (1) your state of mind, (2) functionality, and (3) my experience

Class time: Going to class is something people usually blow off L5 week. But in my experience, if the professor doesn’t already cancel class- you should still go! Professors generally will offer major extra credit points for showing up to class, and who knows, L5 week has been known to have visitors crash lectures- see this video:

My Pick:  Leggings, comfy sweatshirt, and glasses or a baseball hat. This will make sure you have optimum comfiness, and you can literally roll out of bed and drag yourself to class. Also, since most girls attend lectures dressed this way too, your professor may not even know that you had one wild night the night before!

Night Out: Dress the theme. If you are planning on going to a party with a theme, dress it. Go above and beyond. You’ll get many of the “you’re so cute” comments that’ll make you feel awesome inside.

My Pick: I once dressed in a gift bag for a Christmas themed party once- it was a definite hit. But be cautious! If you plan on party hopping all night, have a back-up plan. I wouldn’t want to go to a luau themed party in a Christmas gift bag!

Race Day: Rep your team. Rep the Race. Rep your school. On race day, everyone is Hoosier spirited! Spend money on gear to rep your favorite team! Don’t know a team, then buy a Cutters shirt- they sell them at many shops on Kirkwood. If you are a cutter-hater, then just wear an IU shirt. DO NOT GET DRESSED UP FOR THE RACE. You don’t want to be the girl in heels and a mini skirt. That’s just plain weird!

My Pick: My sorority’s cycling team jersey to the women’s race, and my favorite fraternity’s letters to the men’s race!

Overall, Little 5 is hands down, the best week at IU. Be smart, be safe, and most importantly HAVE FUN.

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Kate Drass

I'm an avid hoosier who loves tailgating, IUBB, Little 5, Theta Phi Alpha and being a science nerd.