Spring Break with Bill

Freshman Year = Spring Break at Home

Sophomore Year = Spring Break in PANAMA CITY

Junior Year = Spring Break.... ON CAMPUS??? HUH?

Yes Ladies and Gents, this spring break I am doing what very few IU students dare. I am choosing to spend my vacation at good ole' IU. Well... more like my teammates and Bill Armstrong Stadium.

With Qualifications in less than 15 days, it's go time for Little 500 riders. Unlike most Hoosiers, instead of fleeing Btown in search of the sandy shore of Panama City; my team, along with other cycling teams have decided to sacrifice sun tanning and beach hopping to hang out with Bill Armstrong... and to take advantage of long days of open track.

Do I regret not spending another spring break in sunny Florida? Well... sort of.... I mean who would pass up a stress-less week on the beach?? But spending time with my teammates and putting in some good training sessions before quals will be well worth the sacrifice. Lets just hope for beautiful Btown weather!

Friends. Cycling. Bill Armstrong. This'll be one good spring break! 

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Kate Drass

I'm an avid hoosier who loves tailgating, IUBB, Little 5, Theta Phi Alpha and being a science nerd.