I'm BACK! Yes.... Lazarus has returned. Again.

Hello Ladies and Gents!

It has been a veerrrryyy long time since my last post! Summer and the start of school got the best of my time! But get in gear for a semester full of posts by me! 

I figured I would just retrace my steps since I last left off, so each of the coming blogs will be about one of the following.

  • Being a Senior
  • Summer Classes/ Summer in Bloomington
  • Theta Phi Alpha's National Convention
  • Being a Senior
  • CAMP! (Yes, I ended up returning! And will be able to explain the use of LAZARUS* in this posts title!)
  • Welcome Week (Year 4)
  • Balancing 19 cr. hours, research, and sorority
  • Fawn River Project
  • Being a senior
  • Football games.... more like TAILGATING
  • Dad's Weekend
  • Career Fairs
  • And Lastly.... BEING A SENIOR! 

And this list will keep being added too, with every amazing new senior year experience! Lets hope I don't experience too much senioritis, I plan to live every last day in Bloomington like my last and LOVE every minute. Even the long nights (like tonight will be) of extreme amounts of studying. 

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Kate Drass

I'm an avid hoosier who loves tailgating, IUBB, Little 5, Theta Phi Alpha and being a science nerd.