This year I got to witness something I never thought would happen at my time at IU: The return of IU basketball.

It’s been 10 seasons since IU has gotten to the SWEET 16, and I am extremely excited to witness it. AND WE ARE REMATCHED AGAINST KENTUCKY!

Whatever happens tonight, whether we cause another upset or return to IU in the morning, I am so proud of my Hoosier basketball team and very lucky to call myself a Hoosier.

If there is one moment that stands out for me in this season, it would be the final minute of our first match up with Kentucky, then ranked no.1.

The atmosphere in Assembly Hall was electrifying; I have never felt that much energy in a crowd before; everyone was at the edge of their seats. I don’t even believe I breathed that entire last minute! The hall went silent as Watford took his shot, and when the buzzer sounded and the ball went in, Hoosier fans erupted.

Some of my sorority sisters and I after the game! 

I still have never witnessed anything that crazy since, and I come from a pretty spirited high school! It’s amazing how the basketball team has united the student body; it’s a great feeling to be a part of it.

If the boys win tonight and move on to the Elite 8 or head back to Bloomington, then there is nothing better than #iubb.

Oh… and to re-visit the single best moment this season- enjoy!

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Kate Drass

I'm an avid hoosier who loves tailgating, IUBB, Little 5, Theta Phi Alpha and being a science nerd.