Why You Shouldn't Rush at IU

There’s a lot of responsibility and rules.

Being part of chapter is hard. When you’re in a chapter you have to learn how to balance a heavy schedule, you have responsibility, and there are rules. One of the best parts of joining my sorority was the time management skill I learned. Between chapter meetings, social events, and school, I had no choice but to become best friends with my day planner.

In most chapters, each member holds a position that changes yearly. You learn how to delegate, become a leader, and balance a hundred opinions, how cool?! Finally, the rules. Oh, the RULES. There are rules to keep members safe, disciplined, and involved. Thank god for the rules.

You’ll become a different person

Receiving your bid is a moment that you will never forget, I promise. You instantly have a hundreds of girls who love you, accept you, and have fought to have you in their chapter. You will learn how to be a part of something bigger than yourself. You will find some of your best friends and maybe even your bridesmaids. After accepting your bid, you’ll never be the same again.

You HAVE to do community service

Every single Panhellenic sorority at IU is affiliated with a national philanthropy. The community service events on campus are a blast to go to. There are events like a 5k Color Run, volleyball tournament, all you can eat buffet, and even a talent show. Each philanthropy raises thousands of dollars each year and are always fun, social events to go to.

You’re stuck with them, forever.

Graduation comes and goes but your letters stay. You will always represent your sorority. It will give you job offers. It will connect you with thousands of alumnae globally. Need a vacation? Hit up your sister who lives in LA. Need a job recommendation? Call your sister who was just promoted at your dream company. You will always have this network of women who will help you succeed, be there for you, and open doors your way.

A sorority is a wonderful sisterhood where you can become a leader, get involved, help the community, and better yourself. Registration for 2015 recruitment ends November 1, 2014. 

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Emma TiernonMajoring in Health Administartion/Minor in PR Class of 2016

Majoring in Health Administartion/Minor in PR Class of 2016

Avid blogger and IU lover. Can be seen consuming unhealthy amounts of coffee struggling daily on campus.