Why IU is the best (perfect) place for me

Besides being born and raised a Hoosier, IU held so much more incentive for me to come here! If you look at my baby photos, I'm usually always in a IU onesie or Hoosier cheerleading outfit. Both my parents went to IU and during my college search, they would always say, "You can go anywhere you'd like, as long as it starts with 'I' and ends in 'U'"....not giving me much room to look into other colleges. That being said, I didn't mind because IU possessed everything I would want in a school for my undergrad. Cliche', but going to IU is one of the best decisions I've ever made. I'll share the main reasons why I chose IU.. 

1) Proximity: Living on the north side of Indy, Bloomington is only an hour and a half from my house. Far enough to feel like I'm actually away at college and away from my parents...but also close enough to where I could drive home for a quick weekend home. 

2) Academics: Coming into college, and even now, I wasn't sure what I wanted to major in, but IU has some of the top schools in the country. I was interested in Business, Journalism, and Science. All these schools have top academic programs with amazing faculty and alumni coming out of them, knowing this, I couldn't go wrong with whichever major I chose. View all majors here

3) Size: Everyone assumes that because IU is a Big Ten D1 school that the campus is the size of Africa. Not true. If you needed to walk from one side of the campus, it is no more than 25 minutes. And that would probably never happen unless you wanted to. The bus system is extremely helpful, the routes cover all of campus. Though they aren't always timely, you can make it anywhere on campus by bus. The center of campus is where all the academics are, Ballentine being the reference point for the "center" of the academic buildings. People walk fast and the sidewalks are any and everywhere. View the bus map here

4) Greek Life: Since high school, I knew I wanted to rush a sorority. My parents were both in houses and their network of friends and social communities all derive from their Greek Friends. There are over 20 sororities on campus that each stand for different values, support amazing philanthropies, and do a lot of good around campus..I was lucky to find the best house (byst opinion) for me! 

5) Parties: To say I was sheltered in high school would be an understatement, I wanted a school that could balance academics and social life, IU does this perfectly. Parties come in the form of fraternities, off campus, school/organization sponsored, tailgates, and the bars on Kirkwood. Its safe to say that you cannot have a bad time if you are partying in Bloomington, where ever you are. The best thing about partying in Bloomington is that there are so many places to go; there are sober parties, "rage face" parties, raves, casual drinking, whatever you want! 

6) Sports: This year was huge for IU sports. The Men's Soccer team are national champs, the Basketball ball team is just hot, talented and on track to bring home another banner, the IU Baseball team made it to the College World Series and kicked butt, the IU Swim and Dive team had an outstanding season...you get the picture. Even the football games are fun! The atmosphere at any IU game, no matter what the sport is unlike any other. We really do have the best fans in the country. Plus, at some of the smaller sporting events, the athletic board gives away freebies like t-shirts and sweatbands, and Pizza X will come by and give away free pizzas!

6) Extra Curricular: I was really involved in my high school and knew I wanted to be in college too. IU students lead over 650 student organizations in and around campus. There are so many signs, advertisements, fairs, and opportunities to join clubs. Personally, I joined the Student Athletic Board, IU Student Alumni Association, Campus Kitchen, IU CRU and IU Student Foundation. If there is a hobby you want, probability is that it exists at IU, if not, people create new organizations/clubs every day so you have room to make your own! 

There are 1001 more reasons why IU is the best place for me to go to school. You can't go wrong! Other questions? Comment below!


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Emma TiernonMajoring in Health Administartion/Minor in PR Class of 2016

Majoring in Health Administartion/Minor in PR Class of 2016

Avid blogger and IU lover. Can be seen consuming unhealthy amounts of coffee struggling daily on campus.