My Junior Year Bucket List

2 down, 2 to go. Of course I’m not counting down and waiting for the days before graduation. With only 2 years left of my career at IU, I plan to make the most of it, and pack it with memories and finish my bucket list!

My freshman and sophomore years at IU were spent “finding myself”, getting involved in various clubs, joining a sorority, and doing all things IU. I have a few goals for my junior year, all of which circle around ice cream at the Crimson Creamery.

  1. Narrow down my organization involvement to my two favorite and run for a leadership role.
  2. Go to at least one game of each sport that IU offers, that’s 24 teams!
  3. Get a job to create a cushion for myself upon graduation.
  4. Attend every Kilroys Breakfast Club that I can before Tailgates!
  5. Study at each of IU’s 26 libraries throughout the year.
  6. Go to the Quarries and swim 
  7. Visit the Kirkwood Observatory 
  8. Jump in Showalter Fountain!
  9. Day Trip to Nashville, IN

I plan on making the most of my junior year at IU. Have any other ideas or goals on your bucket list? Let me know!  

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Emma TiernonMajoring in Health Administartion/Minor in PR Class of 2016

Majoring in Health Administartion/Minor in PR Class of 2016

Avid blogger and IU lover. Can be seen consuming unhealthy amounts of coffee struggling daily on campus.