5 Things I Wish I Had In My Freshman Dorm at IU

You are SO close to moving in. You're either in the catagory of people that will not pack until the day before you leave or you already have everything in those $10 Target bins and have been ready to go since last Tuesday. 

Either way, in one way or another you're really like this about moving in. 

So was I. But what really screwed me over was these 5 things that I forgot to pack, from organization to hygeine products, I have your last minute to-do's covered. 

1. Water Purifier

Some of the dorms have filtered water systems in the lobbies, but when you want a tea or quick snack that requires water, trust me you do NOT want to use the water fountains. They taste like metal and are usually luke-warm. 

Having a water filter is extremely necessary. 

2. Mobile Battery 

Your room is the size of a box. You'll lose things like crazy. This handy phone charger thing is great when you lose your apple-cord-outlet one. Plus you'll find yourself in more than one boring lecture in a day and you'll use up all your battery before 10am, plug this into your phone and it charges up to 75% when dead! (Sorry guys, your styles weren't cute enough to post!)

3. Wrinkle Release

Whether for pledgeship or a date party or church, you'll use the 1 nice button down/dress that you actually braved to take to Bloomington with you. And unless you have the dry cleaning service, chances are that the dryer isn't going to iron your clothes. Literally no one on your floor will have an iron either, I'm guilty of assuming so. You can spray wrinkle release on your clothes, scarves, sheets...and within 5 minutes they are smooth and ready to use. Magic. 

4. Command Strips

You'll accumulate a big pile of crap throughout the year that there isn't room for. Wah-lah, command strips. They are hooks you can put virtually on any surface to hold jewelry, scarves, towels, shirts, purses...whatever. Hanging things up makes your room look nicer anyways. Organization isn't hard, unless you wait to clean up unitl midterms..

5. Dry Shampoo

This last one is mostly for girls, unless you guys rock a long hairdo..more power to ya bud. Each floor will have an average of 6 showers, roughly. That's not alot of showers when you have 40+ people on your floor and you all want to be clean at one point or another. And sometimes you just can't wait any longer for a shower before class. Enter: Dry Shampoo. Douse yourself in your best perfume/cologne and use dry shampoo. It is a miracle worker for hair. Your greasey-needs-to-be-cleaned hair can last 8 extra hours when you use this. Shake it up, spray it on your roots, wait 1 min, and comb. You're gonna be gorgeous darling.    


Hoosier Blonde 

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Emma TiernonMajoring in Health Administartion/Minor in PR Class of 2016

Majoring in Health Administartion/Minor in PR Class of 2016

Avid blogger and IU lover. Can be seen consuming unhealthy amounts of coffee struggling daily on campus.