My First WeAreIU Blog!

Hello, other bloggers who I have not had the pleasure of meeting. This is my first blog for and I just wanted to say....

I'm kind of confused. Am I doing this whole blog thing correctly? Eh, whatever.

Anyways, I came across this site one night when I was looking for student media websites for the university.  I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to post my beliefs onto WeAreIU and I am proud that I am now able to submit my posts onto a place where people may actually read them. (I have a Blogger account, but it's generated about 150 pageviews, which means they're either all from me or from some guy who's really into my writing.)

I am very passionate about writing and thought that this website would be a great start to publish some of my pieces.  This site seems perfect for any student who loves to write, post videos, or just has a random thought they would like to share from time to time.

Overall, I am very glad I came about this site because it will give me the chance to express my opinions on life, regardless of whether or not you like them.  I can write about a variety of things from sports to movies to whomever Taylor Swift is dating. Hopefully, you'll like what you read and can (hopefully) enjoy the next four years of my writing.

About The Author
Duncan SalekThat Guy

I am a current freshman at IU, majoring in Sport Marketing & Management. I love sports, movies, TV and basically anything that's awesome. Despite being born and raised in New Jersey, I am a big Chicago sports fan, which helped attract me to this university. I would like to work in the sports industry once I graduate, whether it be for journalism, production, or broadcast.

I am a member of the Indiana University Sports Communication Club and have submitted multiple pieces to their student-run website. Like everyone else in Bloomington, I am a big Indiana basketball fan, and hopefully I can have the opportunity to cover one of their home games in the near future.

I hope you can relate to my (somewhat opinionated) views on life and enjoy what I have to offer!