Study abroad

Everyone who studies abroad will tell you things like; "Study abroad, you won't regret it" or "It was the best experience of my life" or "It would be a mistake to not study abroad if you have the opportunity".  All of these things are true and then some.  Words cant describe such an experience.  had the opportunity to study abroad in Athens, Greece over the summer during the month of June.  I have never had such an amazing experience and I will consider myself extremely lucky if I ever have the opportunity to go back.  Now its not like this was my first international travel experience.  I have been to canada three times, mexico twice and the Caribbean twice.  But there is nothing like totally immersing yourself in another culture and living there.  Its irreplaceable.  I do not believe it even really matters where you go,  The experience of living in another country which is very different from our own is incredible.  I find myself constantly wishing I could go back.  It got to the point where I really considered Athens my home.  Not to mention the close friends I made and still see and hang out with on a consistent basis here at IU.  It truly is the experience of a life time and if you ever find yourself debating on studying abroad or not I have one word of advice for you: GO!!  It doesn't matter if you are a little bit nervous about being away from home and friends, you will most likely not get another opportunity to do something like this after college.  Your home life and friends can be put on hold for such an irreplaceable experience.  Plus you will make all new friends there while having the experience of a life time.  My only regret about studying abroad is that I only did it for a month.  I wish I would have done a whole semester.  The time away is worth it to see a and live in a different part of the world and its an opportunity you most likely will never get back after college.

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