The Little Thing We Like to Call Lil' 5

Little 500 has been a major IU tradition for over 50 years. This unique event is IU's biggest intramural sport and is also the biggest collegiate bike race in the U.S.! I'm really excited to see the women's race tomorrow evening because I have a few friends to root for and I've never seen anything like Little 500 before!

I'm actually considering joining one of the cycling teams for next years race, but this of course will depend on how much time I have to dedicate to training and how motivated I am to ride six days a week! Even though the preparation is intense and the first year you race you have to learn all of the rules of the track, there are always a lot of different teams--some representing student organizations, sororities and fraternities, and other organized groups. The race also brings some really cool bands to perform in Bloomington every year and there are other events like a running race called Little 50. If you're planning to attend Indiana University (which you should!), you won't want to miss Little 500 weekend!

And in the spirit of bicycle racing...

About The Author
Lindsay StoneIU Class of 2015

IU sophomore studying speech and hearing sciences and psychology. Movement Exchange at IU marketing director, PALS therapeutic riding volunteer, VIDA Spanish theater participant, and club member of the IU Equestrian Team. Future speech-language pathologist.