IU Homecoming and Going Home

When you become a Hoosier, Bloomington becomes your new home. And every year, the IU Alumni Association sponsors the IU Homecoming events to welcome all Hoosiers, new and old, back home for the school year.

The schedule for this year's IU homecoming events included:

  • Paint the Town Crimson Day (Sunday, Sept. 30)
  • The Homecoming Kickoff Extravaganza with the traditional "Nearly Naked Mile" run to benefit United Way in Monroe County. (Monday, Oct. 1)
  • Homecoming Spirit Day with a Spirit Day Blood Drive and an "Ultimate Hoosier" competition. (Tuesday, Oct. 2)
  • IU's Got Talent student competition (Wednesday, Oct. 3)
  • An Alumni Career Panel (Thursday, Oct. 4)
  • A free concert fearturing South Jordan and Zach Majors (Friday, Oct. 5)
  • The Hoosier Village Homecoming Tailgate Party (Saturday, Oct. 6)

With so many exciting events happening in and around campus throughout the year, it's easy to lose track of the time. IU will always be a home for all Hoosiers--a home-away-from-home for the time they spend in Bloomington--but it's important to visit home every once in a while, for your benefit as well as for the friends and family that you leave behind when you come to study at IU.

I don't want to undermine all of the wonderful adventures that can happen while you stay at IU, but there are certain home comforts you can miss if you don't go home sometimes.

  1. The obvious is family and friends that you no longer see on a regular basis. It's definitely important to stay in touch while you can and see them if you have the opportunity to do so!
  2. Pets!!! Dorms and the majority of houses and apartments do not allow pets, and it's hard for both you and your pets to be separated for too long. One of my cats will even avoid me sometimes when I first come home because he's mad that I was gone for so long!
  3. Homecooked meals. No offense to RPS or any of the amazing restaurants around Bloomington, but nothing beats a good meal from home. Plus if you do some cooking you can bring treats back with you to share or store in your fridge! The last time I went home, my mom and I had a cooking marathon and I brought back a pie and cookies to share with my floor.
  4. Showering without shower shoes. This is a luxury you definitely take advantage of without even realizing how nice it is! If you are living in a dorm then you know what it's like to share a bathroom with the other people on your floor. No matter how clean it is in there it just doesn't feel right to go barefoot, so going home gives you a chance to enjoy some barefoot bathing.
  5. A break in the routine! No matter how much you love your friends, your classes, your student organizations, and everything else about college, sometimes you just need to change it up a bit! Leaving Bloomington for a couple of days might be exactly what you need to recharge and get ready for more fun when you return.

Obviously going home isn't always easy, especially if you live far away and/or don't have transportation readily available to you. And going home every weekend would hardly give you enough time to enjoy your freetime in Bloomington! My advice, especially to freshman, is to wait at least six weeks after school starts to go home so you can give yourself enough time to adjust to your new IU home, meet new peope, and establish your life as a Hoosier. Then, when you've fought off homesickness or just feel like sleeping in your own bed for a couple of nights, you can schedule a visit home.

Whatever you choose to do, you will always have your original home as well as a home to go back to in Bloomington!

About The Author
Lindsay StoneIU Class of 2015

IU sophomore studying speech and hearing sciences and psychology. Movement Exchange at IU marketing director, PALS therapeutic riding volunteer, VIDA Spanish theater participant, and club member of the IU Equestrian Team. Future speech-language pathologist.