Hoo-Hoo-Hoo Hoosiers!

I'm not really the biggest sports fan around. I love horseback riding and used to show horses competitively, and I like swimming, dance, ice skating...and none of these sports are the first that come to mind when someone claims to be a sports fan. Before I came to IU, basketball and football were both pretty low on my radar. As it so happens, I enjoyed attending IU football and basketball games this year! I still don't care much for either sport overall (sorry!), but when it comes to IU I'll definitely cheer on the Hoosiers! I have to say, it was exciting to be at the home IU v. Kentucky game where we won with a miraculous 3-point shot!

Here's a video from that game. You can see how surprised and excited we all were!

Also, just for fun and while we're on the topic, this is another awesome IU student-made video.

I may not be the biggest sports fan, but I'm still a Hoosier all the way and will continue to cheer on the IU teams!

About The Author
Lindsay StoneIU Class of 2015

IU sophomore studying speech and hearing sciences and psychology. Movement Exchange at IU marketing director, PALS therapeutic riding volunteer, VIDA Spanish theater participant, and club member of the IU Equestrian Team. Future speech-language pathologist.