Finding Your University Niche, Especially at IU!

One of the first major steps everyone must take before going off to college is (of course) choosing a college to attend! This step is not one of the easiest because there are so many things to take into consideration: cost of tuition, housing, food, distance from home, academic standards, size/population, student organizations, athletics, specialized majors, programs, and so much more. It's important to make the "right" choice (by that I mean the best fit for you!), especially because you obviously hope to remain at your university-Our spirited dorm door dry erase boardof-choice for all of your undergraduate years.

Indiana University was the best fit for me for multiple reasons. I knew I couldn't go to a small school in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do nearby, but IU's campus and the city of Bloomington is gorgeous and bustling. I knew I wanted to stay relatively close to home and I knew I had received a good scholarship after applying to IU. Some of my friends would also be attending IU, but I would be able to meet many other wonderful people during my time in Bloomington. Keeping all of this in mind, I was able to make my decision to come to IU and I haven't once regretted it! Finding your best fit is stressful, but if you take the time to consider everything wisely you will hopefully have an amazing college experience!

About The Author
Lindsay StoneIU Class of 2015

IU sophomore studying speech and hearing sciences and psychology. Movement Exchange at IU marketing director, PALS therapeutic riding volunteer, VIDA Spanish theater participant, and club member of the IU Equestrian Team. Future speech-language pathologist.