Care Packages a.k.a. the most exciting mail you will ever receive

So there's this feature on the WeAreIU blog that allows you to ask us to blog about a certain topic. Here's one that might be useful for current and future IU parents:

What would you like to see in a care package from home? What are your all-time favorite things that you have either received, or would like to receive, in a care package?

Everyone's personal preferences are different and you definitely want to make sure you know that your student will like the things you send. Getting a care package is special though, and we do appreciate it no matter what it comes with!

Here are a few things that I think would  make a wonderful care package:

  • Snacks of any kind: chips, crackers, homemade goodies if you think they will stay fresh enough, anything that can work between meals or on the go.
  • Water bottles and any kinds of juice or energy drinks that your student likes.
  • GUM! Because you can never have enough.
  • A little toy or portable game or someting. It could be silly, but I like care packages that have things you can use for stress relief!
  • A new DVD or video game if you're feeling generous.
  • Family pictures or anthing that might have been left at home.
  • A personal note from you!

The list could go on and on, but you get the idea! Care packages are just a wonderful reminder that someone back home is thinking about you and can be a great pick-me-up when you're having a stressful week!

About The Author
Lindsay StoneIU Class of 2015

IU sophomore studying speech and hearing sciences and psychology. Movement Exchange at IU marketing director, PALS therapeutic riding volunteer, VIDA Spanish theater participant, and club member of the IU Equestrian Team. Future speech-language pathologist.