What Has Michael Been Up To? Taste Of Asia and Children's Literature!

Hey there Indiana University!

Do I feel bad that I haven't blogged enough? Yes.

Do I want to fix that and get more committed to WeAreIU? Absolutely.

So here I am, kind of apologizing, but also updating you on my life here so far!

I signed up for Summer School! WOO! I'm taking a class on Shakespeare and another on Children's Literature!  Now you might say to yourself, "Michael, how are           


these even related?"  Weeeeeeelll, the answer is--they're really not.  I can say however, that Shakespeare wrote things, and The Rainbow Fish is a book.  So you know, they're both literary...things, I suppose.

To be serious though, I'm actually really looking forward to the Children's Literature class.  Not because I'm super into kids books (although, you know, reliving some childhood memories won't hurt), but really because...


I really want my future child to be brought up the proper way.  Not with some of these...uh, weird things/books/cartoons/shows that kids are being brought up with today.  I want my kid to be intelligent, an upstanding person, and likeable.  And polite, that too.  So I figure this class will certainly help me get one step closer to realizing that far off (and I mean far off) dream, and help me understand in a really miniscule way, how to get my future kid on the right track.


Ok now that THAT'S over, here's just a quick update as to what I've been up to not concerning classes.

-Performing Friday the 6th for Taste of Asia with the IU Bboys/Bgirls (also known as the IU Breakdance Club)
-Leaving and battling at a jam in St. Louis, Missouri on Saturday
-And more performing the next week as well.

I'll keep you guys updated in case, for some weird reason, you want to see me perform. There are a lot of other things that are cool going on in my life, but none of that really matters! :)

Thanks for reading,
~Michael Roach

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