Welcome Back to Indiana University!? For Freshman: Just Welcome!

Wow! Boy does it seem like I've been gone for a long time on WeAreIU.com! I have been seeing multiple blogs from some of the other wonderful bloggers on the site, and suffice to say, I definitely feel a bit guilty for not contributing nearly as much as some of the others! Hopefully, starting with this post, I'll be able to change my horrible streak, and going into my final year as an Indiana University student, I will do my utmost to blog a bit more about the last year here.

So it's about that time--it's getting closer to Welcome Week and the start to a new Fall semester!!

I've been seeing a lot of incoming freshman walking around, and it makes me happy seeing some new fresh faces to join the IU family!  Here are some tips for Welcome Week and beyond for the newbies, and to help said newbies survive:


I know, this might be a really cliche and overused tip for incoming freshman.  But it's SO TRUE--don't be afraid to get out of your box a little (and by box I mean comfort zone)!  Talk to people, introduce yourself, be social!  Want to say something that might be stupid, but also hilarious?  DO IT!  See a pretty girl across the room that you would like to at least try to chat with or get to know? Pull your pants up and GO GET HER (actually, scratch that, don't pull your pants up, just go talk to her)!!!  Of the many things I have learned from Purdue and IU and the overall college experience, this rule is the most important--the college environement thrives on sociality.

2. Go to CultureFest
CultureFest is basically a bunch of students and student organizations taking over the Showalter Fountain area, and showing incoming students (or some returning students I suppose, too) the cultural diversity Indiana University has to offer.  You'll see everything from guys exhibiting new and different sports/activities to performances of various organizations on stage.  Last year (my first CultureFest, as I was a transfer student), I saw social ballroom dancing, stepping, and singing, and it was a blast to just be around a fun atmosphere full of people. Shameless Plug: I'm the President of the Breakdance Club at IU, and we'll also be performing at CultureFest ;) (I'm sure I'll blog about that soon too).

3. Organize yourself

No seriously, get organized.  Figure out what buildings your classes are in, read over your class schedule, find out what times clubs or things you want to be involved in are, and get your dorm all straightened up.  I say the last one because, if you're a guy, your dorm might be a little less organized by the end of the year--you might as well take in a good, clean room now.  Plus, people don't like slobs.   That's a FACT.

4. Have FUN!!
Just enjoy yourself!!  You're at one of the best institutions in the United States!  Take in the beautiful campus (while it's beautiful, I hate the winter months), go bowling in the Union, watch some movies with friends, and enjoy IU.  Even when all the academic stuff kicks in, and you feel a bit overwhelmed, remember that all work and no play...well, quite frankly sucks.  Just keep everything balanced and you'll be fine!


Welp, that's it.  Can't wait to meet some new people coming into campus, whether they've been here for years or they are just getting here as freshman!  In case anyone was wondering (which they probably weren't), I've been busy with my dance life, teaching, performing and traveling, so blogging has been kind of at the back of my mind until now.  

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Michael RoachEnglish major, Class of 2013, Dancer

Hi there! I'm Michael Roach--a bboy ("break dancer") and hip-hop dancer aspiring for a professional career in dance. I'm also an English major here at Indiana University, and President of the Breakdance Club at IU as well. Dance is pretty much my life, but I still love IU and all that it's done for me. Want to be friends? Hit me up! I like being social (for the most part)!